Coming to America

It was the happiest time for me as my older son was born’ Later my husband obtained his Ph,D. The place we used to live was completely a blue color neighbourhood. My neighbors were lots of fun. You could read it in next page. My live was filled with joy as I was a young mom. Occassionally I missed my job though.

I always loved America- the land of hope, freedom, and fortune. I’m still taken by it. I had a secondhand TV set where I would see Dean Martin show every night in London. Every day I used to think when we would go to America; my dream land. As I was staying few years now in England my belongings for India was diminishing. This time I did not cry instead I was hoping for better life and higher education in America. I have earned Computer programming degree in America. My husband did not want to come to America as he liked Canada’s pristine life style contrary to me.

I still remember the first day when we arrived in America. I was overwhelmed with happiness; that feeling, that joy, that dream which I would not be able to describe in words. Looking at the statue of Liberty I saw the writing on her torch that brought hopes that one day and I thought with hard work I would achieve my American dream. My younger son was born in America, I am very happy that America is my homeland now. I love India and America.