My heart-felt greetings go to my wonderful Readers who enjoyed my books over the years, and provided the support to carry on. My writing is my pleasure when my readers love to read them. This is my new website created by a very talented person which I hope you all will like. It is very easy to go around and find the topics you want to locate and appreciate. From time to time I will update the events, and what I will be doing in the future.

Hope you have read my first book, “In Pursuit of Love, Spirituality and Happiness,” If you didn’t you can read it in my website. This year I have published one book called, “All those tears we can’t see” which got wonderful reviews from Booklife.com (Publishers weekly). Indiereades.com recognized it as a literary fiction and gave 4 stars. Talented Author K.C Finn and Reviewer Becky Holland provided excellent reviews which you can read on my review page in Amazon and me-a-star.com. I am grateful to Goodreads.com for their encouragement. Though I am a new author all my readers gave me tremendous amount of support for my book and gave 4 or 5 stars. I am eternally grateful to them for their patience. My third book will come out next year. I have finished 11 chapters and few more chapters to be written but editing will take some more times, then I can publish soon. It is a love story with the back drop of early discovery of Aids. Right now I am already thinking about my beloved Fire Fighter story, so stay tuned.

4500 downloads has happened by bloggers, Academics, reviewers and book keepers for my second book. I am also getting interviews I will post it as soon as it done.

Always love to hear from my readers. So please write to me and don’t hesitate to provide your opinion. Bye with love

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About this edition in pursuit of love happiness
Page count:240
Published:July 22, 2009
Format:E-book, paperback, Amazon.com
Publisher: iUniverse
Author:Gita Audhya


Gita Audhya


Gita Audhya immigrated to the United States from England. She earned her B.A. degree in Literature from India and her computer programming degree from the United States. She is very passionate about India and America. Her entire devotion is placed on the job, writing, and the family. Here you will get all the information about her American dream and how she has achieved it with a lot of hardship. Her entire profile is described on the next few pages.