In Pursuit of Love, Spirituality and Happiness

IN PURSUIT OF Love, Spirituality, and Happiness, examines the transformative power of all three. Jonathon, the story’s main character, leads a shallow, and sheltered life in a beautifully gilded cage—a gold cage that was built, bar by bar, with dirty money accumulated by his father, a covetous, dishonest businessman who never lets ethics or legality stop him from accumulating wealth. The underline conflicts began long time ago at his childhood with his father. Then Jonathan meets Oliana, a beautiful Hawaiian girl, while on vacation and everything changes. Jonathan learns about nature and religion, faith and trust, power and helplessness, and (most importantly) love. The readers will witness his tormented heart raged by helplessness and see him gradually mature to become an individual—his own person not controlled by others desires and rules as all of us make this journey to find who we are and who we are supposed to be. The main character of the story is portrayed as a symbol for the ethical and moral struggles of
human life.