About The Book

This book is written from my own personal experience. When I migrated to America long time ago I was very fearful because I did not know that the people of America will accept me but to my surprise, they did warm-heartedly. When I started a new life in my new adopted land the language, culture, traditions, morals, beliefs and everyday way of life were totally foreign to me. To assimilate into this new country while still retaining my culture and beliefs were even harder. I had clashes with my children occasionally and then I learned to adjust with their views. I endured lots of hardship in my life but I knew that all opportunities on the horizon will bring good life for me and my family ultimately.

Change is imminent- we like it or not. Samantha in my book found out in a hard way and she paid a high price for that. She was heartbroken to see that her beloved country has gone through a dramatic change. Changes were in every level in India. She did not want to move forward. When a tragedy struck her it opened her eyes to this change and accepting her son-in-law who was Christian.

All those tears we can’t see addresses many issues from achievement of American Dream by an immigrant woman who lacked money and opportunity in India to physical assault of her daughter then accepting changes with tragic circumstances. This book is a literary fiction recognized by C.S. Holmes from Indiereaders.com