I am not sure I will call it a miracle or there is a logical explanation. In any circumstances, please do not experiment with this phenomenon.
Here it goes about the mystery that was happened to me in real life.
Two or three years ago my husband and I decided to have a family reunion in Clearwater beach, Florida. We were planning it for a long time but it was rather impossible to unite three families together at the same time. But finally it happened.
My husband and I were the first one to arrive and took the first unit of the house. We hired the taxi driver from the airport to come to our unit. The Drive way of that unit was an uphill and the Canadian driver forgot to use the hand brake. After reaching the destination he parked the big SUV and went to help my husband to take out the luggage from the trunk. I got out and bent down to reach for my purse from the back seat. All on a sudden the SUV started to roll down. I had an open toe sandal which I wear since we came to Florida where the beautiful sunshine flourishes. I panicked and started to shout, “Stop the car, stop the car” as the big SUV started to roll down on my toes. I started to think that all my toes will be shredded to pieces. The driver and my husband came running to me and the driver immediately stop the car. They both panicked. The driver and my husband carried me to the sofa and made me sit down. But strangely enough I did not feel any pain. The driver ran to the next door where there was a carry out shop which had ice. He immediately placed the ice on my toes. I was exhausted with this trauma and about to cry. But again I did not feel any pain. I started to wiggle my toes and few minutes later I started to walk. It felt like a miracle that nothing has happened. I am a spiritual person and believe in prayer that gave me strength. May be, there are some Devine power that is looking after me.
When my sons and the whole families arrived and heard the incident and my older son commented, “There you go mom, tackling a big SUV.”I said to him, “you bet.”
Once again I urge not to experiment with this incident. Is there a miracle or a logical explanation – I will never know.