I was invited by the American Library Association to attend the Expo.

American Library Association

American Library Association was a great experience for me and it was an accomplishment for my part. I did not expect the number of librarians came to my booth to learn about external and internal spirituality which are the subject matter of my book. I explained to them what it means by external happiness is easier to achieve than internal happiness which has to come from the mind. Everybody enjoyed the conversation with me.

Book Giveaway on

601 people wanted to read my book. The readers entered in my giveaway within 2 weeks.

In Facebook 17,000 likes for all those tears we can’t see. And three thousand Kindle downloads by bloggers, reviewers, academia and book stores in Amazon for my second book . All those tears we cant see.
My book “All those tears we can’t see” got 4 stars review and a sticker. It is recognized as a literary fiction.

Gita Audhya is a recipient of a Finalist Amor award for her book All Those Tears. We Can’t See. Her book made it to the number one best seller on the Amazon chart