Coming to America

America, my final journey

It was the happiest time for me as my older son was born. Later my husband obtained his Ph.D. The place we used to live was completely a blue color neighborhood. My neighbors were lots of fun though. You could read it in next page. My live was filled with joy as I was a young and good mom. Occasionally I missed my job though.

I always loved America- the land of hope, freedom, and fortune. I’m still taken by it. I had a second hand TV set where I would see Dean Martin show every night in London. Every day I used to think when we would go to America; my dream land. As I was staying few years now in England my belongings for India was diminishing. This time I did not cry instead I was hoping for a better life and higher education in America. My husband did not want to come to America as he liked Canada’s pristine life style contrary to me.

I still remember the first day when we arrived in America. I was overwhelmed with happiness; that feeling, that joy, that dream which I would not be able to describe in words. Looking at the statue of Liberty like all immigrants I saw the writings on her torch that brought hopes that one day with hard work I would achieve my American dream. My younger son was born in America, I am very happy that America is my homeland now. I love India and America.

I thought that this is the end of my journey, but was I wrong. Actually this was the beginning. People used to say they that on every road there are pieces of gold littered in all over America. I did not know they were talking about the time of gold rush. It was true in that time. For me it was time to face the Reality. I had to make a new plan. I knew to achieve the American Dream I have to work twice harder. To get a decent house in a safe area for my kids where they could get the best education as well was not easy. Since my husband and I was not qualified for the loan, we took a second mortgage on the house. One of my friend loaned me the money I started to save every penny by cutting the grass myself in spring, summer and fall, and racking the leaves in the fall and removing the snow on the long driveway. I have never done any physical work in India or anywhere. It was extremely hot in summer. Cutting grass on one acre of land was very difficult for me but I did it somehow thinking about the bright future for my family.

I also took the admission for the Computer programming degree that time. Taking care of two kids, a house, shopping, cooking and study was very hard for the lazy Indian princess. Finally, few years later my kids got into the good colleges, my husband promoted to a good scientist position, and I got my degree and started to work part time.

Though all went successfully my last wish remained unfulfilled that is to become an accomplished writer which I love with all my heart. I have just started. May be one day I will get a tiny medal {I am just joking}.