More About the Book

Indulge Yourself in Deep Sensual Romantic Love between Jonathan and Oliana along with Culture of India, Hawaii and America, Beautiful Location of Hawaii and India, Cultural Clashes, and Spiritual findings in this beautifully written Novel by Gita Audhya.

1. Beyond mere Entertainment
2. Contrast between lives that honor spirituality
3. Contrast between wealth obtained by corruption & greed happy life
4. Spiritual quest and Ethical dilemma
5. Pleasure to read
6. Provocative Language & wonderful story
7. Colorful, dramatic and tasteful cover art
8. Deep meaningful Characters
9. Love overcomes greed
10. Quest for happiness & meaningful life

Jonathan remembered he was quite happy growing up – he had all the luxuries from the swimming pool to dazzling huge mansion just like any other rich kid who did not mind all these but life’s simple pleasures were forbidden to him. He could never dribble a ball on the side walk or ride a bicycle on the street. Jonathan was not permitted to express any dissatisfaction that was the culture of his family. Everybody was polished, well dressed and subdued. Jonathan wanted to earn the admiration from his own effort but everything was bought. More often now melancholy set in about his lifestyle. To get away from it all he finally decided to go to Hawaii. Here he met Oliana, the love his life. His heart started pounding, and he felt dizzy as all the fragrances of the island came rushing in, the orchids, the pineapples and the spray of the surf. He got strength from Oliana’s spirituality and genuine love to confront his dad and that brought him happiness.

Oliana: The whirl wind romances began between them. Oliana left everything in Hawaii just to be with his Jonathan but within two years of their marriage Jonathan started to get extremely busy with work and neglected Oliana. Free Spirited Oliana wanted to go back home where she can worship her deep rooted ancestral Hawaiian Spirituality and Volcano Goddess Pele.

It is a tale of epic and romantic love, set against true-to-life background of corporate greed, ethical quandary and spiritual and religious diversity and achieving ultimate happiness.

The Globalization of cultures and religions of India and the United States, Combined with spirituality of Hawaii, creates a universally enriching experience in the moving novel in pursuit of Love, Spirituality and Happiness. This book shows what love is and how happiness was created through love and being loved.

More than just a spiritual book, the meanings of true happiness, earthiness of Hawaiian spirituality and modern spirituality or New Age Spirituality in modern era are described in this book. It displays the differences and similarities in Religion, Business & Lifestyle from India to USA to Hawaii; an authentic link and a love story between Oliana, a Hawaiian beauty and Jonathan, an American, from a rich, powerful, political, glamorous and conglomerate family. “In Pursuit of Love, Spirituality, and Happiness” tells the story of a young man trying to make on his own separate way from his corrupt father and pursuing a Hawaiian beauty, but seeing that there is nothing easy about getting what he wants. Jonathan tormented by his father’s ethical quandary in business has to choose between his quests of love and his loyalty to his parents. The ultimate sacrifice brings him the happiness in his life. Jonathan draws inspiration from Buddhism, his secondary faith, without leaving his primary faith of Christianity. Oliana pleases her Volcano Goddess Pele through her earthiness spirituality though her primary religion is Christianity. Jonathan’s Christian friend seeks comfort from Hinduism.