When you learn about the sad stories or see images of sufferings of children you push yourself to give a strong voice to these griefs. That’s why I wanted to write at very early stage. Sometimes my writing was so dismal that I wanted to quit but love for writing and reading kept me going. I am glad that I kept trying which make sense now. I published my first book “In Pursuit of Love, Spirituality and Happiness” which is getting many wonderful reviews, and I have just submitted my second book “All those tears we can’t see” to a traditional publisher who is showing genuine interest. My next project will be contributed to “Death of my beloved 9/11 fire fighter, my hero.”

My Journey began long time ago even though leaving my parents, my home and country was very hard. I travelled three continents from India to England to Canada to America to find my true destiny. I am indebted to each country for their enormous generosity of letting me learn of their culture, and how to be tolerant and open minded. But it was a little bit different when I arrived in America as I thought that, may be, the American people will not accept me or understand me. Soon it was resolved. Actually American people are very warm and generous which made me very happy. Sometimes the ugly head of racism between blacks and whites would come up.

Along the way many things and events has happened, and each one is unique in their own beautiful way. If you are interested it is all mentioned in my web site. I have earned my B.A. degree in literature in India and computer programming degree in the United States. My loving passion for India as well as America remained very exciting. With all the difficulties and many problems I encountered I still managed to give my time to write and read for the love of it. I also like travelling, arts, and interior decorating. My book is recommended by ALA and Goodreads and

I went to Orlando to accept their invitation in June 2015 to join American Library Association to explore more about what library has to offer to the public. Libraries are so much more than just books and information. They are teachers and community activists. Libraries are the connection to technology, e-government and all kinds of learning as Brian Feinblum had commented in his article too.

I always believed that if you put your mind into something and if you work hard towards it you will be able to achieve that goal. I really was a very ordinary girl. I could never imagine when I was in India that I will come to England and then to America. I made my husband today what he is now as a great scientist and my kids are very accomplished. I love America and India.