About The Book

In pursuit of Love, Spirituality, and Happiness: Intense New Romance Novel Sees Culture, Class & Religion Collide, reviews “Great” and “Deep” by Critics.

The story unravels as Jonathan Foster lands in Oahu, Hawaii on a much needed holiday. The son of a very successful businessman from Texas, he has a privileged life and is now working in the family business. His father is a very busy man and his socialite mother keeps herself occupied with her numerous charities. Jonathan and his estranged brother, Jason, are groomed to marry daughters of prominent personalities and are supposed to continue the family legacy. But while in Hawaii, Jonathan meets Oliana Pau, a young, beautiful, full blooded Hawaiian who sweeps him off his feet. They fall in love and get married. Trouble is also looming in the family business where his father is believed to embark on nefarious deals to earn more money and keep his numerous businesses running. In Pursuit of Love, Spirituality and Happiness is a story that is all too familiar in today’s money-ridden world. The beautiful Oliana, with her strong Hawaiian heritage and spirituality, comes from a different world inhabited by the Fosters of the world, and this provides a stark contrast in the novel. Finally Jonathan confronts his father with the help from Oliana, and his own ethical values. Another interesting character in the story is half Indian OC, Jonathan’s best friend, whose journey back to India gives us a taste of spirituality that is more often than not lacking in our lives. And in the midst of this is Jonathan’s struggle to find what is missing in his life which is certainly more valuable than anything that money can buy. Ultimately Jonathan & Oliana unite and find happiness when they realize that there are things more important than money and fame. In Pursuit of Love, Spirituality and Happiness draws the conclusion at the end as we follow Jonathan in his quest to find real happiness in his life.

Gita Audhya’s ‘In pursuit of Love, Spirituality, and Happiness’ throws readers into the tumultuous lives of two young people, joined at the heart, yet worlds apart in culture, upbringing and ideology. Spanning from Hawaii and Texas to India, and transcending class, Audhya’s compelling narrative uplifts readers to a dimension of higher feelings; a place where Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism fuse to leave them with plenty to think about in their own lives. ‘In pursuit of Love, Spirituality, and Happiness’ is a story that proves love’s boundless ability to trump any adversity or corruption.